June 2008
Defying convention : Menifee math teacher produces film praising individuality and unity in the Temecula Valley News.

May, 2008

An article about the making of DEFYING GRAVITY is featured in the 'Reel Life Adventures' section of the CURRENT March/April issue of Indie Slate magazine. (full article here)

April 2008
North County Times (San Diego) gives 'Defying Gravity' a B+! Reviewer Dan Bennett calls Defying Gravity "... a funny, poignant and always interesting little film, built on well-designed characters and a fine story."

February, 2008
"Defying Gravity" is warm-hearted comedy about four people, two traumatized and two in tough life situations, who wind up coming together and accepting one another's weirdnesses. The movie is reminiscent of '70s fare like "Harold and Maude," buoyed up by terrific performances -- Willam E. Belli as the tart-tongued, smitten Lola is a standout -- and a memorable score by Eric Kufs and Tom Schultz. You haven't seen anything that feels quite like this in a long time, and you haven't seen anything with this plotline ever.
-- Rachel Reitsleff, reviewer for ifmagazine.com and mania.com