Willam Belli as feisty transvestite waitress Lola
Alexandra Mathews as the mute runaway girl Cassandra
Macauley Gray as the manic homeless young man Shore
Bea Bernstein as the Psychic Woman at the cemetery, with Alexandra Mathews as the mute runaway Cassandra
Alexandra Mathews as the mute runaway Cassandra, encounters manic homeless boy Shore at a funeral
Andrew Torres as crooked cemetery director Menendez, and Mario Martinez as illegal immigrant caretaker Jorge
Tony Franchitto as the mysterious stranger Lubitch in search of the mute runaway girl
James Terry as the gun-toting diner owner Milo
Shore (Macauley Gray) and Jorge (Mario Martinez) encounter an unusual waitress.
Willam Belli as waitress Lola
Cassandra (Alexandra Mathews) and Shore (Macauley Gray) react to a police roadblock as they flee in the hearse
Lola (Willam Belli) and Jorge (Mario Martinez) react to the arrival of the police, FBI, and the runaway girl's step-father
An emotional moment in the desert for the runaway Cassandra (Alexandra Mathews) and homeless Shore (Macauley Gray).
Shore (Macauley Gray) says goodbye to Cassandra (Alexandra Mathews) in the police station
Cemetery Caretaker Jorge (Mario Martinez) promoted to a new position of responsibility
Waitress Lola hangs up her apron and embraces her compassionate side to work as a grief counselor